hotwheels2with Carolyn Davidson,
Expert on Unusual Words

Did you know the average person uses the same 400 words most of the time? That leaves 800,000 plus words in the English language dictionary!

Hi, I’m Carolyn Davidson, host of Words You Never Heard, a radio feature aired internationally several times daily on The American Forces Radio Network (176 countries and every US ship at sea) and U.S. stations nationwide.

Each day Words You Never Heard listeners are entertained by fun and unusual real words they can use! These shows contain topics ranging from grammar, education, news,current events, etc. designed to tickle your olecranon (funny bone) and stimulate your spizzerinctum (will to win)!

Words You Never Heard is produced by Grammy winning producer, Martin Walters.

And now – even more fun with words…

Additionally, I have created Too Funny For Words! a game app that includes the funniest words you never knew existed! The WYNH radio shows are available on my Too Funny For Words! Word Game App  – just push the ‘Shows’ button and listen whenever you want. With 600 shows aired I will never run out of entertaining words for you. Fair warning: just like cruciverbalists (crossword puzzle addicts) this game is habit forming and you will be “app”-stracted.

Download the free app now!

Too Funny for Words! for iOS
Too Funny for Words! for Android

“This is a tremendous brand extension of the very popular WYNH radio program, made even more fun with the opportunity for one to one engagement.  This unique APP will find great success in the mobile market.”

Jim Robinson
Former President of ABC Radio Networks

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