Able-whackets: Card game where loser is whacked with a hanky
Abulia: the lack of will power
Acca yakkers: talkative people
Adipose:  fat
Aelurophile: The love of cats
Agerasia: A youthful appearance in an older person
Aglets: Plastic coverings at the end of shoelaces
Agrostographer: A writer whose subject is grass
Ailurophile: a person who loves cats
Ailurophobia: the fear of cats
Akimbo: standing with hands on the hips
Amoret: A sweetheart
Anaxiphilia: Falling in love with the wrong person
Ankypranky: a mystery
Ansurge: irresistible urge to answer the telephone
Anthorexia: a romantic mood
Anthropomorphic: having human attribures
Anthropopathites: people who ascribes human traits to their pets.
Apocolocynposis: the fear of turning into a pumpkin
Arachibutyrophobia: Fear of peanut butter sticking to roof of your mouth
Arachnophobia: : the fear of spiders
Arfarfanarf: A person who is very drunk
Argy-bargy: debate
Astraphobia: the fear of thunder and lightning

Babinski: that little rubber hammer the doc uses to test your reflexes
Bablatrices: talkative females
Baby Boomers: people age 43-60
Badderlocks: Large brownish black seaweed eaten as a vegetable
Bafflegab: lots of talking!
Baggywrinkles: A frayed and shredded rope on a ship
Balabosta: An efficient Jewish homemaker
Balabusta: a super-duper, crackerjack housewife
Ballahoo: A Bermuda and West Indies schooner
Bandy-bandy: An Australian snake
Bastinado: a kicking
Bat and wicket: A ticket
Batrachophobia: the fear of frogs
Beastiarian: animal lover
Beer and skittles: easy-going enjoyment
Bellicose: Combative and aggressive
Belly telly: A small TV that can sit on one's tummy
Betwattled: Addled, confused
Bibliophile: A person who loves books
Bib nozzle: A threaded faucet nozzle
Bimbo delusion: where men’s performance drops due to believing they’re dealing with a less intelligent female
Bittock: Scottish for just a little bit
Blabugoje: becoming involved in criminal activity
Blatteroon: A nonstop talker
Blatteroons: talkative people
Blizzard head: A very blonde female TV anchor
Blunderbuss: dumbed down person
Bobachee: a male cook
Bobadills: braggarts
Bonnieclabber: Thick, sour milk
Bounceberries: Cranberries
Brevirostrate: a short nose
Bricketty: irritable
Bubbles and Squeak: Dish of potatoes, greens, and meat fried together
Buccula: A double chin
Bumblekite: A belief that blackberries cause flatulence
Bumfodder: Toilet paper
Bumfodder and dunny paper: other terms for toilet paper
Bumfreezer: A boy's short jacket
Bumfuzzled: Confused, perplexed flustered
Bumsquabbled: confused and rattled
Bunji-bunji: Australian tree bark containing poison
Burgoo: An oatmeal gruel

Cabaletta: A melody imitating a horses gallop
Cachinnator: a person who laughs loudly and uncontrollably
Cackleberries: another name for eggs
Cacography: bad handwriting
Cacophrenic: a person with an inferior intellect
Cagmag: food that’s unfit for human consumption
Calaboose: Jail
Calipee: An edible substance found on lower turtle shell
Callipygian: A shapely keister
Callithumpian: a noisy demonstration of support for their team
Callomania: The delusion that one is beautiful
Canoodle: To cuddle amorously
Catterbatter: the act of trying to get you to do something their way, while making it appear they are happy with your way
Celerity: Speed, swiftness
Charette: a last minute attempt to get something done before deadline
Chattermucker: a person who gossips
Cheimaphilic: people who are fond of cold weather
Cheimaphobia: the fear of cold
Chionophobia: the fear of snow
Chookie: British for a child
Chuffy: fat and chubby
Circumbendibus: A long winded story
Cleptobiosis: the act of raiding the refrigerator
Clowder: a group of grown cats
Cobber: another word for friend
Cockalorum: an Old Dutch word meaning “someone who crows alot”!
Cockeye Bob: a thunderstorm
Cockshut: Evening twilight
Coco: comes from the Spanish and Portuguese language, meaning ‘monkey face
Codswallop: Nonsense
Collywobbles: stomach ache
Coopetty-coop: money
Coruscation: A flash of wit
Coyo: A Mexican avocado
Crimpy: cold and disagreeable weather
Crugset: an inescapable situation.
Cuckoo-button: A prickly burr
Cuggermugger: A person who is a whispering gossip
Custard and Jelly: British term for television
Cuttyhunk: A fishing line for deep sea sport fishing
Cutty stool: Scottish stool a chastity offender had to sit on

Daddock: Rotton wood
Dandiprat: English silver coin of the 16th century
Deipnosophist: someone who is skilled at dinner conversation
Dewdropper: Someone who sleeps by day and plays by night
Diasteunia: a night of sleeping-on-the-couch
Diddledees: fallen pine needles
Dimbox: an expert negotiator
Dingdong Theory: Theory about early man's reaction to vocal noises
Dinger (or round tripper): original names for a home run
Dinkum oil: The truth (Australian)
Dipsomaniac: A person with an insatiable appetite for alcohol
Dipsomaniacs: people who indulge in “too much cheer!”
Dipsy doodle: A plunge and surge as in the stock market
Dithyramb: a wild, emotional outpouring
Doch-an-doris: A parting drink; a nightcap
Dockwallaper: Guy who loafs around docks to pick up jobs
Doodlesack: A bagpipe
Dooteroomus: money
Doowhistle: noise maker
Doppelgangers: sinister looking people
Dromomaniac: a person who love to travel
Drumbling: driving sluggish
Drupe: a coconut is an example of a drupe, a fleshy fruit
Dunderheads: a dolt, dunce
Dunderlumpkins: real dolts
Dzho: Hybrid of a cow and yak

Eccedentesiast: A person who fakes a smile
Echolalia: Pathological repetition of other people, echoing them
Ecodoomist: a person who predicts environmental catastrophy
Embraysures: the spaces between your teeth
Eponyms: personal names that are now dictionary words, like ‘the Reuben’
Explaterator: a talkative person

Farding: putting-on make-up while driving
Farthingale: A hooped petticoat worn in the 16th century
Faux-naïf: a person who pretends to be dumber than he really is
Fipple: the plug at the end of a whistle
Fizgig: A flirt
Flambustious: flamboyant, showy manner
Flapdoodle: Nonsense, foolish words
Fletcherize: to chew your food thoroughly (technically: to chew each bite 32 times)
Flews: the fleshy flaps of skin that hang down from a bloodhound’s upper lip
Flibbertigibbet: A person who chatters endlessly
Flicker-a-flacket: The sound made by something flapping
Floccinaucinihilipilification: Anything trivial or worthless
Foozle: To bungle a stroke

Gaggle: A flock of geese
Gamophobia: Fear of commitment, of marriage
Gardyloo: A warning shout in Scotland when people threw garbage out of upper windows
Gawkhammer: A clumsy person
Gazoz: A carbonated non-alcoholic drink
Gazump: To swindle
Gedunk: A yummy a la mode dessert
Gefoojet: a slang term for an unnecessary thing
Gelandejumpers: skiers who enjoy jumping moguls
Gen-X-ers: people age 31-42
Gigantomachies: hostile takeovers
Gillhooter: A barn owl
Gillygaloo: A mythical bird that lays square eggs
Gimcrackery: A collection of flimsy doodads, knickknacks, trifles
Gizwatch: noise maker
Gongoozler: A person who stares for a long time
Gopher ball: A pitched ball hit for a home run
Grandgosier: a person who loves to eat
Graphospasms: Writer's cramps
Griggles: Small apples left on the tree after harvest
Grog: any drink made with rum
Grubelsucht: Drawing a fine distinction
Guarana: a plant grown in Brazil
Gubbertushed: Having projected teeth
Gumshoe: A detective

Ha-boob: A violent desert sandstorm in Africa
Habber-glabber: strong-willed
Haboob: a sandstorm
Hailstones: drift-ice, glazed-frost, pancake ice, and frost flowers
Halieutics: The art of fishing
Hardy-dardies or harum-scarums: daredevils
Heliophile: a person who loves the sun
Heterogamosis: a marriage in which persons are grossly incompatible
Hightantrabogus: noisy time
Hippocras: A spice flavored wine
Hoecake: Cornbread baked on a hoe
Holus-bolus: All in a lump, all together
Homelty-jomelty: and Humperdeclumperdee means clumsy
Hornswoggle: To bamboozle someone
Horripilation: a medical term for “goose bumps” from being cold
Hubble-bubble: A water pipe
Huckaback: A tough durable type of cotton
Hugger-mugger: secrecy and concealment
Hunge-splunge: to drop or fall
Huzzlecoo: flirting

Iatrophbia: the fear of going to the doctor
Ikebana: Art of Japanese flower arranging
Illatrating: barking at someone
Illywhacker: Aussie term for a small time trickster
Impecunious: short of money
Indaba: Conference among South African tribes
Infradig: Beneath one's dignity
Inky cap: A mushroom
Ish kabibble: Oh, don't worry about it!

Jacktitation: public bragging rights
Jehu: a person who drives too fast
Jimjams: Delirium tremens
Jingbangs: crowds
Jinnywink: A small oil derrick
Jipijapa: Central and South American plant resembling a palm
Jobation: criticism
Jokelet: A small joke
Jowfair: anything that doesn’t go as planned

Kadoodle: To romp, convert
Kameel: A giraffe
Katagelophobia: the fear of critisism and ridicule
Katzenjammer: a hangover
Kawa kawa: Aromatic New Zealand shrub
Keirospasm: A cramp from shaving
Kennebunker: A large suitcase from Kennebunk, Maine
Kenspeckled: Scottish word for feeling conspicuous
Keystone sack: the name second base was originally called.
Kickshaw: great food
Kidcote: Jail
Kindle: a litter of kittens
Kissing gate: A gate that allows only one person to pass at a time
Klapmatch: A female seal
Knackered: Exhausted
Kneippism: Treating disease by walking on wet grass
Knuckle-duster: Brass knuckles
Kookaburra: Kingfisher of Australia whose call sounds like laughter
Koomkie: A female elephant used to train male elephants
Kopophobia: Fear of physical and mental exhaustion
Kuki-Chin: Tibetan-Burmese languages
Kyoodle: a mangy dog that needs a bath

Lachschlaganfall: Falling unconscious due to excessive laughter
Lagniappe: A small gift given to a customer after purchase
Lassipedes: Tired feet
Lassipides: tired feet
Lickety whittle: very fast
Lobscouse: A sailor's stew with meat and vegetables
Logastellus: A person whose love for words outstrips his knowledge
Logomaniac: A person who loves words
Lollybanger: Gingerbread with raisins
Love apple: A tomato
Lubber-wort: junk food
Lubbor-wort: Food that has no nutritional value
Luddite: a person who is opposed to technology

Macrophobia: Fear of long waits
Macrophobiac: a person who hates long lines
Macrotous: great big ears
Mamamouchi: a pompous person
Mashie niblick: An old golf club, also called a six iron
Maw-wallop: food that’s messy food like a chili dog or spaghetti
Mazuma: money
Megalomaniacs: music lovers
Melton mowbray: A rich English meat pie
Micawber: a person who dreams about winning a fortune, after a character in David Copperfield
Microlipet: A person who gets all worked up about trivial things
Milver: a person who talks during a movie
Minie ball: A rifle bullet of the 19th century
Misocapnist: A person who dislikes smoking
Misodoctakaleidist: A person who dislikes practicing the piano
Misogynist: person who dislikes women
Monomania: An obsession with one idea or interest
Moolah: money
Motla: Eskimo word for “snow that gets in your mouth”
Mubble-fubbles: Being depression
Muckender: A handkerchief

Nelipot: a person who loves to go barefoot
Niddicock: A fool, a ninny
Niddle-noodle: An unstable nodding head
Niddle-noodling: nodding of the head
Ninnyhammers: fools
Nipa: Alcoholic drink made from Australian palm sap
Nipperkin: A container that holds a half pint of hooch
Noeclexis: enjoying your companion without regard to physical attractiveness
Nomogamosis: a marriage between well-matched persons
Nookleptia: The fear of your thoughts and ideas are being stolen
Nordcaper: A North Atlantic species of whale
Nympholept: a person who wants to broadcast their persona to the rest of the world

Occam's razor: The simplest solution is probably correct
Ocean bug: A bug in the ocean
Oenotherapy: The use of wine for therapeutic purposes
Ohnosecond: that miniscule fraction of time in which you realize that you’ve just made a BIG mistake
Ombrophobia: the fear of rain
Omphalopsychite: A person who contemplates his navel (bellybutton)
Oniomaniac: a person who is a compulsive shopper
Opsomaniac: a person who loves food to the point of madness
Opsophagist: a person who enjoys delicacies
Optriculum: any shebang with the look of high technology to it
Orca: A killer whale
Orology: The study of mountains
Oscitate: To yawn
Osculation: Kissing
Oxymoran: A phrase that contradicts itself as in a quiet explosion

Pandowdy: A baked apple dessert
Paneity: the state of being bread
Pangtang: being superstitious
Pansophist: A person who is a know-it-all
Pantagruelism: Cynical humor
Pantofle: A bedroom slipper
Pantomancer: A person who sees omens in every experience
Paradiddle: A military marching drumbeat
Paradoctor: A doctor who reaches isolated areas by parachute
Pecksniffian: A person who is a hypocrite
Penster: A writer
Pentheraphobia: fear of a mother-in-law
Perissotomist: a knife-happy surgeon
Perwitsky: A red, white and black European skunk
Pettifogger: A person who quibbles over trivia
Phagomania: insatiable hunger
Phenopalatine ganglioneuralgia: brain freeze
Philodemic: a person who loves people
Philodox: A person who just loves his own opinion
Philosophaster: a person who pretends to know more about something than they do
Philotherian: animal lover
Philozoist: person who prefers the company of a pet to that of humans
Pi-jaw: Pious or moralizing talk
Pianteric: fattening food
Pickelhaube: A spiked helmet worn by German soldiers
Pigsirpog: Eskimo word for drifting snow
Pillowbeer: A pillowcase
Pinna: the fleshy part of the earlobe
Pippinfaced: a person who is apple-cheeked or has a smooth round red face
Pishpash: A rice broth containing bits of meat
Plonk: Inferior wine
Podobromhidrosis: Smelly feet
Poho: Hawaiian word meaning out of luck
Pollyfox: argument
Polyphloisbean: an incredible racket
Polypragmon: a compulsive meddler
Ponophobia: fear of work
Poo-bah: A person holding public offices
Pook: A small stack of hay
Pooking-fork: A tool used in hay-making
Popinators: people who are bar-hoppers
Popinjay: A parrot
Poplolly: someone dear to your heart
Pother: bother
Pouter pidgeon: a female with super-sized hips
Pozzy-wallah: A person who loves jam
Prickmedainty: A person who is an affected goody-goody
Pricknickety: aboveboard
Psomophagist: a person who eats quickly
Pugilist: A person who boxes
Punkatunk: The American bittern, a brown heron

Quaddle: A person who grumbles
Quaddler: someone who grumbles
Quadragenarian: A person between forty and fifty years old
Quattlebums: braggarts
Quiddity: A hair splitting distinction
Quidnunc: A busybody, a person who gossips
Quoc-ngu: The Vietnamese alphabet
Quonk: Conversation that interrupts live TV

Rackensak: A native of Arkansas
Racklefratz: Means oh shoot!
Rassasy: to satisfy your hunger
Rhytiphobia: Fear of getting wrinkles
Roister-doister: happy
Roister doister: A boisterous person
Root-hog-or-die: Means give it all or give it up
Rubbaboo: Algonquin soup with berries and fatty meat
Rucksack: A knapsack
Rumble gumption: Common sense

Salmagundi: A salad plate of chopped meats, anchovies, and eggs
Samhainophobia: the fear of Halloween
Sardoodledom: A well-written and clever play
Scaldabanco: A hotheaded debater
Scallyhoot: skedaddle
Scaramouch: A stock character in the Italian com media dell'arte
Schadenfreude: Enjoyment of others misfortune
Sciapodous: large feet
Scobberlotcher: A lazy bum
Scurryfunge: a person who frantically picks up and cleans the house 5 minutes before company arrives
Serendipitist: a person who happens upon something good
Shakeache, frigid face, freezie, slurpee tumor: brain freeze slang
Shotclog: A bore who is tolerated because he pays the bill
Shunpiker: A person who avoids the toll roads and takes back roads
Simoleon: A dollar
Singultus: Hiccups
Sink tuck: Eskimo’s Winter Festival
Sitooterie: An out-of-the way corner to sit and talk
Sitzmark: the sunken areas in the snow made by a fallen snow-skier
Slibber-sauce: A messy concoction that helps the medicine go down
Slubberdegullion: a person who slobbers on their clothing while eating
Slumgullion: Weak coffee or tea
Slurvian: Slurred speech
Smellfungous: a person who loves to find fault with others!
Smicket: A woman's smock (English)
Snack pockets and ploop: “love handles”
Sneckdraw: a sly, crafty person
Snekdraw: A sly, crafty person
Snickersnee: A knife resembling a sword
Snippersnapper: A whippersnapper
Snipsnapsnorum: A card game
Snollygoster: An unprincipled, but shrews person
Snollygosters: unscrupulous lawyer
Snuggery: A British term for the den in your home
Sockdolager: The telling blow, the last word in a conversation
Spanker boom: The boom for a spanker on a ship
Spatterdock: A yellow water lilly of Eastern and North America
Spelunker: A person who explores caves
Spizzerinctum: the will to win
Splacknuck: An animal in Gulliver's Travels
Splaymouthed: An awkward grin
Spondulicks: money
Squirting cucumber: A Mediterranean plant with oblong fruit that bursts
Steatopygia: Excessive adipose on the buttocks
Steatopygic: a person who is “bottom heavy”
Stitious: only moderately superstitious
Stoop-gallant: An illness that brings you to your knees
Stoopgallant: embarrassing situation
Stooriewoorie: a restless person
Stoss: Facing the direction an overriding glacier moves
Sturm and drang: “the storm and stress” of life
Sturm und drang: The storm and stress of life
Suaviloquence: soothing, encouraging talk
Supernaculum: ‘is good to the last drop”

Tachydidaxy: a person who is a fast learner
Taradiddles: little white lies
Tarantism: a dancing epidemic thought to be caused by a tarantula bite
Tattie-doolies: scarecrows (Scottish)
Tattie doolie: A Scottish scarecrow in a potato field
Tattlebasket: rumor monger
Tenterbelly: a big belly from overeating
Thalassophobia: Fear of the sea
Thaumaturge: a person who does wondrous things
Threptophilia: The love of nurses
Thumps: Horses hiccups
Tickety-boo: Feeling good
Tidytips: A California herb having yellow-rayed flower heads
Timber doodle: The American Woodcock
Timmynoggy: Any device that saves you time and energy
Timocracy: the love of honor being the ruling principle
Tinny: lucky
Tintiddle: A witty retort you thought off, but too late
Tippybobs: wealthy class
Tomomaniac: A person with a hysterical desire to have surgery
Tonga: A horse-drawn vehicle for two people in India
Torschlusspanik: the feeling that life is passing you by
Tragomaschalia: smelly armpits
Trittle-trattle: nothing
Tub thumper: A person who rants and raves
Tummler: the life of the party
Twit-twat: The switch that controls the speed of a diesel engine
Typhlobasia: kissing with your eyes closed
Tyrotoxism: cheese-poisoning
Tzut: A brightly patterned Guatemalan head cover

Ucalegon: A neighbor whose house is on fire
Upscuddle: another word for a fight

Vamper: A stocking
Varvels: Identification rings on a hawk's leg
Vennootschap: A partnership
Vox Populi: Popular opinion

Wabi-sabi: Japanese word for something old with a lot of character
Wagwag: A watch maker's polisher
Wanderoo: A purple-faced monkey
Wangdoodle: a person who throws things
Wattle: fleshy skin that hangs off the turkey’s neck
Wayzgoose: An annual convention for printers
Whippet: another name for a small dog
Widdendream: mental frustration
Wiki wiki: To move quickly, like Speedy Gonzales
Winkypinky: sleepy
Witzelsucht: a feeble attempt at humor
Wonga Wonga: Australian vine with yellowish flowers
Wox: state of sluggish satisfaction
Wrigglework: Ricrac engraved on metal

Xiphoid process: Small cartilage attached to the bottom of the sternum
Xxx: xxx

Yaffle: A green woodpecker that makes a laughing sound
Yaffling: eating too fast
Yahoomanity: People en masse
Yakitori: Japanese chicken pieces on skewers
Yakker (or yellow hammer): a curve ball
Yammer: To complain or whimper
Yazzihamper: A dislikable person
Yeti: The abominable snowman
Yiff-yaff: a small person who talks a lot
Yip-yop: a young, scatterbrained person
Yokefellow: A close friend

Zamouse: Bush cow
Zapateado: A Latin American dance
Zarf: Cardboard holder for hot coffee cup
Zebu: An Asiatic ox
Ziggurat: An ancient Babylonian temple
Zowerzwoped: ill-tempered
Zugzwang: A weakened position in chess
Zwetschgenwasser: A German Liquor made of plums

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