The Words

abulia: the lack of will power
acca yakkers: talkative people
ailurophile: a person who loves cats
ailurophobia: the fear of cats
akimbo: standing with hands on the hips
ankypranky: a mystery
ansurge: irresistible urge to answer the telephone
anthorexia: a romantic mood
anthropomorphic: having human attribures
anthropopathites: people who ascribes human traits to their pets.
apocolocynposis: the fear of turning into a pumpkin
arachnophobia: : the fear of spiders
astraphobia: the fear of thunder and lightning

Babinski: that little rubber hammer the doc uses to test your reflexes
talkative females
Baby Boomers: people age 43-60
lots of talking!
balabusta: a super-duper, crackerjack housewife
bastinado: a kicking
batrachophobia: the fear of frogs
beastiarian: animal lover
beer and skittles: easy-going enjoyment
bimbo delusion
where men’s performance drops due to believing they’re dealing with a less intelligent female
blabugoje: becoming involved in criminal activity
talkative people
dumbed down person
bobachee: a male cook
bobadills: braggarts
brevirostrate: a short nose
bricketty: irritable
bumfodder and dunny paper: other terms for toilet paper
bumsquabbled: confused and rattled

cachinnator: a person who laughs loudly and uncontrollably
cackleberries: another name for eggs
a person with an inferior intellect
cacography: bad handwriting
cagmag: food that’s unfit for human consumption
callithumpian: a noisy demonstration of support for their team
catterbatter: the act of trying to get you to do something their way, while making it appear they are happy with your way
charette: a last minute attempt to get something done before deadline
chattermucker: a person who gossips
cheimaphilic: people who are fond of cold weather
cheimaphobia: the fear of cold
chionophobia: the fear of snow
chuffy: fat and chubby
cleptobiosis: the act of raiding the refrigerator
clowder: a group of grown cats
cobber: another word for friend
cockalorum: an Old Dutch word meaning “someone who crows alot”!
cockeye Bob: a thunderstorm
coco: comes from the Spanish and Portuguese language, meaning ‘monkey face
collywobbles: stomach ache
coopetty-coop: money
crimpy: cold and disagreeable weather
crugset: an inescapable situation.

deipnosophist: someone who is skilled at dinner conversation
diasteunia: a night of sleeping-on-the-couch
diddledees: fallen pine needles
dimbox: an expert negotiator
dinger (or round tripper): original names for a home run
dipsomaniacs: people who indulge in “too much cheer!”
a wild, emotional outpouring
doowhistle: noise maker
dooteroomus: money
doppelgangers: sinister looking people
dromomaniac: a person who love to travel
drumbling: driving sluggish
drupe: a coconut is an example of a drupe, a fleshy fruit
dunderheads: a dolt, dunce
dunderlumpkins: real dolts

ecodoomist: a person who predicts environmental catastrophy
embraysures: the spaces between your teeth
eponyms: personal names that are now dictionary words, like ‘the Reuben’
a talkative person

farding: putting-on make-up while driving
a person who pretends to be dumber than he really is
fipple: the plug at the end of a whistle
flamboyant, showy manner
fletcherize: to chew your food thoroughly (technically: to chew each bite 32 times)
flews: the fleshy flaps of skin that hang down from a bloodhound’s upper lip

Gen-X-ers: people age 31-42
gefoojet: a slang term for an unnecessary thing
gelandejumpers: skiers who enjoy jumping moguls
gigantomachies: hostile takeovers
gizwatch: noise maker
grandgosier: a person who loves to eat
grog: any drink made with rum
Guarana: a plant grown in Brazil

habber-glabber: strong-willed
haboob: a sandstorm
hailstones: drift-ice, glazed-frost, pancake ice, and frost flowers
hardy-dardies or harum-scarums: daredevils
heliophile: a person who loves the sun
heterogamosis: a marriage in which persons are grossly incompatible
hightantrabogus: noisy time
homelty-jomelty: and Humperdeclumperdee means clumsy
horripilation: a medical term for “goose bumps” from being cold
hugger-mugger: secrecy and concealment
hunge-splunge: to drop or fall
huzzlecoo: flirting

iatrophbia: the fear of going to the doctor
illatrating: barking at someone
impecunious: short of money

jacktitation: public bragging rights
jehu: a person who drives too fast
jingbangs: crowds
jobation: criticism
jowfair: anything that doesn’t go as planned

katagelophobia: the fear of critisism and ridicule
katzenjammer: a hangover
keystone sack: the name second base was originally called.
kickshaw: great food
kindle: a litter of kittens
kyoodle: a mangy dog that needs a bath

lassipides: tired feet

lickety whittle: very fast
lubber-wort: junk food
luddite: a person who is opposed to technology

macrophobiac: a person who hates long lines
macrotous: great big ears
mamamouchi: a pompous person
maw-wallop: food that’s messy food like a chili dog or spaghetti
mazuma: money
megalomaniacs: music lovers
micawber: a person who dreams about winning a fortune, after a character in David Copperfield
milver: a person who talks during a movie
moolah: money
motla: Eskimo word for “snow that gets in your mouth”
misogynist: person who dislikes women

nelipot: a person who loves to go barefoot
niddle-noodling: nodding of the head
ninnyhammers: fools
noeclexis: enjoying your companion without regard to physical attractiveness
nomogamosis: a marriage between well-matched persons
nympholept: a person who wants to broadcast their persona to the rest of the world

ohnosecond: that miniscule fraction of time in which you realize that you’ve just made a BIG mistake
ombrophobia: the fear of rain
a person who is a compulsive shopper
opsomaniac: a person who loves food to the point of madness
opsophagist: a person who enjoys delicacies
optriculum: any shebang with the look of high technology to it

paneity: the state of being bread
pangtang: being superstitious
pentheraphobia: fear of a mother-in-law
perissotomist: a knife-happy surgeon
phagomania: insatiable hunger
phenopalatine ganglioneuralgia: brain freeze
philodemic: a person who loves people
philosophaster: a person who pretends to know more about something than they do
philotherian: animal lover
philozoist: person who prefers the company of a pet to that of humans
pianteric: fattening food
pigsirpog: Eskimo word for drifting snow
pinna: the fleshy part of the earlobe
pippinfaced: a person who is apple-cheeked or has a smooth round red face
pollyfox: argument
polyphloisbean: an incredible racket
polypragmon: a compulsive meddler
ponophobia: fear of work
popinators: people who are bar-hoppers
poplolly: someone dear to your heart
pother: bother
pouter pidgeon: a female with super-sized hips
pricknickety: aboveboard
psomophagist: a person who eats quickly

quaddler: someone who grumbles
quattlebums: braggarts

rassasy: to satisfy your hunger
roister-doister: happy

samhainophobia: the fear of Halloween
shakeache, frigid face, freezie, slurpee tumor: brain freeze slang
scallyhoot: skedaddle
sciapodous: large feet
scurryfunge: a person who frantically picks up and cleans the house 5 minutes before company arrives
serendipitist: a person who happens upon something good
sink tuck: Eskimo’s Winter Festival
sitzmark: the sunken areas in the snow made by a fallen snow-skier
slubberdegullion: a person who slobbers on their clothing while eating
smellfungous: a person who loves to find fault with others!
snack pockets and ploop: “love handles”
sneckdraw: a sly, crafty person
snollygosters: unscrupulous lawyer
spizzerinctum: the will to win
spondulicks: money
steatopygic: a person who is “bottom heavy”
stooriewoorie: a restless person
stitious: only moderately superstitious
stoopgallant: embarrassing situation
sturm and drang: “the storm and stress” of life
suaviloquence: soothing, encouraging talk
supernaculum: ‘is good to the last drop”

tachydidaxy: a person who is a fast learner
taradiddles: little white lies
tarantism: a dancing epidemic thought to be caused by a tarantula bite
tattie-doolies: scarecrows (Scottish)
tattlebasket: rumor monger
tenterbelly: a big belly from overeating
thaumaturge: a person who does wondrous things
timocracy: the love of honor being the ruling principle
tinny: lucky
tippybobs: wealthy class
torschlusspanik: the feeling that life is passing you by
tragomaschalia: smelly armpits
trittle-trattle: nothing
tummler: the life of the party
typhlobasia: kissing with your eyes closed
tyrotoxism: cheese-poisoning

upscuddle: another word for a fight

wabi-sabi: Japanese word for something old with a lot of character
wangdoodle: a person who throws things
wattle: fleshy skin that hangs off the turkey’s neck
whippet: another name for a small dog
widdendream: mental frustration
winkypinky: sleepy
witzelsucht: a feeble attempt at humor
wox: state of sluggish satisfaction

yaffling: eating too fast
yakker (or yellow hammer): a curve ball
yiff-yaff: a small person who talks a lot
yip-yop: a young, scatterbrained person

zowerzwoped: ill-tempered

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