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Computer Lingo

Have you ever wondered where the terms used in computer speak originated?  The word cookie, a packet of information that travels between a browser and a web server, is named after the fortune cookie, a cookie with an embedded message. Rebooting

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Butt/pocket dialing 

Have you ever butt dialed someone accidentally?  According to a report, for every 100 calls made to 911 this year, about 40 were made unintentionally. Recently, a mother in Canada called police after receiving a nightmarish call from her daughter,

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Television Commercials

If you’re like me, just watching a television commercial featuring  a piping hot, juicy cheeseburger can give you edacity (ee-DAS-i-tee)- that’s a voracious appetite!  But did you know it’s actually really difficult to make food look appetizing on TV because as soon as it hits the

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Fun Jobs For The Kid In You

There are a lot of good paying jobs that your inner child would enjoy?   How about ICE CREAM TASTER? Now that’s a cool job…literally! According to Mental Floss magazine, a professional ice cream taster samples up to a pint of

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Cyber-Carolyn tangles with technology.

Gomer Pyle exclaimed: Shazam and he had an iPhone! But Barney had an Android! Hear how Carolyn tangos with technology!

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