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Halloween is almost here and the scarecrows or tattie-doolies as the Scottish call them are out. But Halloween is all about trick or treating and that means candy.  The average American eats 24 pounds of candy a year, and most of that consumption

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On Hold Times

Do you ever feel like you’ve been put on hold for days while trying to reach a customer service agent on the phone?  Call me a mythomane (MITH-uh-mayn) because I sure do.   That’s a person who believes something is true when

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Court Reporters: They said what?!!

With all the court TV shows on these days like Judge Judy, Divorce Court, etc., etc., the court reporter profession has come front and center!   Click Here to Hear what Carolyn is reporting… Related articles Funny stuffs #1  

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The Science of The Sexes

A “blonde moment?” It’s “a bimbo delusion!”Words You Never Heard about why men amuse — and bemuse — women.

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