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State Fair Food

State fairs offer wonderfully wild and wacky summer foods, from chicken-fried bacon in Texas to Minnesota’s spaghetti and meatballs on a stick! There is something about dining at the fair that can make anyone an opsomaniac, or a person who

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Fun Jobs For The Kid In You

There are a lot of good paying jobs that your inner child would enjoy?   How about ICE CREAM TASTER? Now that’s a cool job…literally! According to Mental Floss magazine, a professional ice cream taster samples up to a pint of

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Tired of sitting all day? How about some stand-up dining?

Love sushi, but not the price? New restaurant craze from Japan coming to New York! Hear about the new restaurant craze from Japan…   Related articles The History of Sushi How to Behave at a Sushi Restaurant: Tips from Japanese

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Words about junk food…and the strange dreams it can cause…

Carolyn chips-away-at her long list of Words-You-Never-Heard. Related articles #1 Way To Keep From Eating Junk Food Junk Food Is Being Removed from Schools

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Brain Freeze! Energy Drink?

At typical velocity, Carolyn rattles-off Words You Never Heard about those “energy drinks” everyone’s quaffing lately…and what to do about that quick, excruciating headache that can strike when you eat or drink something real cold, real fast.

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