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Puppy with Braces

Did you hear about Wesley the Golden Retriever Puppy from Michigan that was fitted with braces?  Before you think this is bona-fido insanity, Wesley was born with teeth that were so crooked, he couldn’t shut his mouth all the way. 

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Turkeys on the Plane

  What would you do if you went to sit down in your designated airline seat and discovered a turkey was sitting next to you?  Recently passengers on a Delta flight were surprised to see an actual live turkey perched in

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The Mongol Derby

A close friend of mine is going to be riding in the Mongol Derby , the longest and hardest horse race in the world.  Competitors will ride semi-wild Mongolian horses for 10 days and 1000 kilometers through extremely rugged conditions

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Are your critters “a clowder?”

Hear Words You Never Heard (until now) about pets:

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