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Fans and Animals on the Field

Recently during a football game between the San Francisco 49er’s and the Los Angeles Rams, a spectator decided to run out onto the field.  Game announcer Kevin Harlan treated the event like any other down and started calling the play by

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Get Your Goats

While visiting a ranch in Colorado, I met a goat named Lucky.  Domesticated goats are sometimes kept as pets – similar to a dog or cat.  When Abraham Lincoln was president, his sons kept two goats in the White House

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Canned Skunk

Mike McMillan from Ontario Canada was driving to a meeting, when he saw what looked like a can of cola moving around on the side of the road.  Curious, he stopped to investigate and discovered a skunk had gotten its

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Seal Escapes Killer Whales

Have you seen the video of the little seal that jumped into the back of a boat to escape being eaten by killer whales? A family was whale watching near Vancouver Island, British Columbia when they noticed a pod of

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Bear Charette

When residents of Alligator Point, Florida discovered a 400 pound gaberlunzie bear raiding their garbage, they called the local wildlife authorities. The officers came out and shot the bear with a tranquilizer dart in order to move him. Unexpectedly, the

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