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Butt/pocket dialing 

Have you ever butt dialed someone accidentally?  According to a report, for every 100 calls made to 911 this year, about 40 were made unintentionally. Recently, a mother in Canada called police after receiving a nightmarish call from her daughter,

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Canned Skunk

Mike McMillan from Ontario Canada was driving to a meeting, when he saw what looked like a can of cola moving around on the side of the road.  Curious, he stopped to investigate and discovered a skunk had gotten its

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The Garage – our final frontier!

For most of us, the garage is our final frontier of clutter! A recent study showed 40% of Americans rate their garage as the messiest room in the house!   As we accumulate more “stuff”, the garage has become the mini-storage

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Spring is here! Ants-yikes!

Spring is here and you know what that means!  Ants!  Ants are the hercules of insects able to lift up to a hundred times their own weight.  Ants stay busy all day scrounging for food, digging tunnels and tending to

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The Mongol Derby

A close friend of mine is going to be riding in the Mongol Derby , the longest and hardest horse race in the world.  Competitors will ride semi-wild Mongolian horses for 10 days and 1000 kilometers through extremely rugged conditions

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