Get Your Goats

While visiting a ranch in Colorado, I met a goat named Lucky.  Domesticated goats are sometimes kept as pets – similar to a dog or cat.  When Abraham Lincoln was president, his sons kept two goats in the White House with them!

There are about 450 million goats in the world.  Male goats are called Bucks and female goats are called Does.  Of course, the young goats are kids.  Sometimes race horses are often given a ‘goat friend’ so they will not be lonely in the stall. The phrase ‘getting someone’s goat’ comes from the (unsportsmanlike) practice of stealing the competition’s goat to unsettle the horse before the race.

Technology giant Google rents goats from a company called California Grazing, to keep their lawn mowed! `Call me a silly billy but it’s an eco-friendly approach to landscaping — and you can’t beat the cute factor!  Goats need a lot of room to roam so they don’t feel confined!  What is the fear of being penned in? Cleithrophobia!

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