Roald Dahl Dictionary

In celebration of what would have been author, of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday, Oxford University Press has published the Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary!

The dictionary is both authoritative and a little bit mischievous and includes everyday words plus those invented by Dahl for his books.

One of my favorite words from the dictionary is zozimus. That is what the (BFG) ? calls the stuff that dreams are made of, which he whisks with his magical egg-beater!   Roald Dahl loves the letter “Z” which he uses in his mystical words like phizz-whizzing, zippfizzing, and zoonk!

By now you might be feeling a bit biffsquiggled.  That’s another word for confused or puzzled!  Some might say this dictionary is a bit redonkulous,  I say I’m all in!

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