Canned Skunk

Mike McMillan from Ontario Canada was driving to a meeting, when he saw what looked like a can of cola moving around on the side of the road.  Curious, he stopped to investigate and discovered a skunk had gotten its head stuck in the soda can.

The animal was running in circles, shaking its head, trying to get free!

 After a moment of abulia, or indecision, he decided to try and save the potentially whoofy animal.  Whoofy is another word for smelly.

 He grabbed the can and engaged in dang-swang or a cooperative tug of war with the skunk, all the while hoping he wouldn’t get sprayed.  Finally, the skunk managed to pop its head out of the can and land safely on the ground.

 After a brief staredown, the skunk turned and ran into the woods.  What’s another word for running away in fright?  Funkify!


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