Seal Escapes Killer Whales

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Have you seen the video of the little seal that jumped into the back of a boat to escape being eaten by killer whales?
A family was whale watching near Vancouver Island, British Columbia when they noticed a pod of Orcas swimming around their boat. All of a sudden a harbor seal swam up to the stern of their boat and jumped in with the Orca’s hot on his tail.

When a whale leaps out of the water exposing most of its body, it’s called Breaching. There are 32 different species of seals distributed throughout the world and are found from polar to tropical waters. The largest concentrations of seals in the US are in California and New England.

Everyone who has seen the video agrees this was one lucky seal. What’s another word for the fear of the sea? (the-LAS-o-phobia) thalassophobia

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