Early Airline Flight


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When airplanes first began carrying passengers everyone was treated to first class accommodations. Caviar and sandwiches were presented on porcelain plates with beverages served in crystal. Flying was truly a special event as passengers wore suits and evening dresses.

In the early days of flight, passengers were seated right behind the pilot with no partitions or seatbelts. What do you call a person who is afraid to fly? An Aeroacrophbic. The airlines required stewardesses to be unmarried and many were nurses as well. To be a pilot was to be respected and revered. What do you call a person who chooses a career based on the glamorous image it conveys? A Modoc!

A typical flight in those days from London to Singapore would cost over seventeen thousand dollars today and take 8 days. What’s another word for jet-lag? Dysrhythmia.

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