Television Commercials

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If you’re like me, just watching a television commercial featuring  a piping hot, juicy cheeseburger can give you edacity (ee-DAS-i-tee)- that’s a voracious appetite!  But did you know it’s actually really difficult to make food look appetizing on TV because as soon as it hits the plate-it starts to wilt, perspire, melt, dry out and deflate!   In order to shoot an appetizing commercial, directors have to resort to all kinds of tricks to keep the food on TV looking delicious.

For example, maple syrup doesn’t always hold up on camera, so sometimes motor oil is used as a substitute.  What’s a word for ‘food that’s unfit for human consumption’? Cagmag!

Brown shoe polish is painted onto burgers and steaks to make them look like they’re right off the grill, and deodorant is sprayed on grapes to make them glisten.  Talk about tarradiddles-those are “little white lies”!

What’s another word for eating food of unknown ingredients?    Ackempucky!

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