On Hold Times

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Do you ever feel like you’ve been put on hold for days while trying to reach a customer service agent on the phone?  Call me a mythomane (MITH-uh-mayn) because I sure do.   That’s a person who believes something is true when it isn’t.

In reality, a recent survey commissioned by text message service TalkTo found that more than 50 percent of consumers spend an average of 15 minutes per week on hold, which amounts to 13 hours per year and almost 43 days in a lifetime!

According to the survey, Kentucky is the most impatient state as Kentucky residents will hang up the soonest when placed on hold!  What is another word for the fear of waiting for an extensive period of time? Macrophobia!

Other “impatient” states include Ohio, North Carolina, New York and West Virginia.  It won’t help to engage in objurgatrix (AHB-jur-GAY-triks

In contrast, the states least likely to engage in Objurgatrix or severe criticism over being placed on hold for lengthy times were Louisiana, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Minnesota.  Did you know that half of the world’s telephones are in the United States?  Now that’s a lot of tele-wagging! 

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