Spring is here! Ants-yikes!


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Spring is here and you know what that means!  Ants!  Ants are the hercules of insects able to lift up to a hundred times their own weight.  Ants stay busy all day scrounging for food, digging tunnels and tending to the queen.   What’s another word for a full days work? A darg!

Ants only sleep about three hours a day, and then they appear to stretch when they wake up just like you and I do!  What’s another word for stretching?  Pandiculating!   

Did you know that ants also yawn?  What’s another word for yawning?  Oscitating!  

The ant queen can live up to 50 years! But her male partners die after their first and only mating!

Just like with ants, spring can bring out the romance in people too! What’s a word for being romantically inspired by the coming of spring? Vernorexia! 

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